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Team Squash

The club enters teams into the local Humber Squash leagues,

and the Yorkshire League.

Humber Squash Leagues play in leagues of around 10 teams - starting in late September and continuing to March.


There are four divisions play at a range of standards from relative beginners in division 4 to county standard players in division 1.


Teams are entered from clubs as far afield as Bridlington in the North and Scunthorpe in the South, although many teams are located in or around Hull.


Teams include four players, and tradition dictates that the games which start at 7pm are followed by food and a pint at a local venue.

The Yorkshire League is the premier squash league in the County, and one of the strongest in England. Many current and former men and women professionals play in the league.


The Yorkshire League gives the opportunity for players to compete at the highest standard against opponents from former world No 1s to aspiring juniors hoping to do the same.


The county runs 3 divisions with Beverley Norwood Teams in Div 1 and Div 2.


Yorkshire League teams comprise 5 members.

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