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Squash vs. Racketball

Beverley Squash and Racketball club - as the name implies - is open to players of both games - squash and racketball - but what is the difference between the two?

Racketball is the UK’s fastest growing sport! It is played on any regular squash court and is similar to squash. In racketball a larger ball, which does not need warming up like in squash, and a shorter racket are used, as shown below.


The fact that the ball is bigger, more bouncy and does not need warming up means that the rallies last longer, as the ball moves slower giving the opponent more time to react and get to the ball. The shorter racket also helps with hand eye coordination making the ball easier to strike.


Overall this makes the game much easier to pick up than many other sports like squash or tennis. Racketball is said to be, "Easy to learn yet difficult to master" which is one of the key factors in the sports recent growth.

It is important to note that Racketball is very different from the US version of Racquetball and that they are spelt differently.


In fact Racketball and Racquetball are two completely different sports! Racquetball is mostly played in America and uses a specific racquetball court and different rules.


Racketball however is mostly played in the UK and as stated above uses a regular squash court and similar rules to squash. Below are the two different courts used. Some people have started calling the UK version “Squash 57” to differentiate it from the USA’s Raquetball.

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